Saturday, January 8, 2011

From the Past Part I

 This morning I was on a mission searching CD's of my old photos for a particular group I took a few years ago of a Beach Bride. I think I have lost those when my old PC crashed I maybe did not get those saved on CD. I have everything else, but not those !! Anywho I'm posting some photos I pulled off CDs because I said to myself 'Oh I like this one'.
This is Puck our beloved Weimaraner. We had a love affair with her for 13 years. She is heavier looking than my boys now as she was no longer young and quick in these. 
 We are across the bay in this set and this is a dear little friend of ours with a sea star.
 Below is the fishing shack at Neptune Bay. Our friend owns the property here and we have been invited to fish.
 The trees are dead due to the intrusion of salt water during the big earthquake of 1964. They are in fact petrified. 

 The outhouse

Nan and Puck across the bay


Debby said...

Sweet Puck. I miss our SPringer we lost last year. When I see her picture it stirs up good memories.
What is a sea star. What a cute little girl.
Do you have any new snow. I see the South is to get a real storm. We are getting snow like we did in December. If it's going to be winter, I want some snow, so this is fine.

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dearest Nan,

Oh how I love your blog! It brings back so many wonderful memories of ALASKA! We were stationed at Elmendorf AFB and we were in the 1964 earthquake!

Your photos brought me back to my childhood as we explored this beautiful state...the fresh air! The lakes and the crystal clear COLD waters! The beaches of grey rough "sand". The driftwood along the shores. The bountiful beauty of ALASKA!

How I enjoy living vicariously through your photos!

Thank you!


DeanO said...

Great pictures Nan - makes me miss Alaska something fierce!

gpc said...

That's quite a sea star! Puck truly was a beauty.

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