Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eyes and such

 Pan will pose so well but he makes faces at me I have to take a lot of shots to get a good one, he's always done this. Kalen there on the left looks at me straight forward. 
Pan's eye on Friday. Some of you asked about this. He cut it Sunday and it's not much more healed. What is happening it scabs over and then he wipes it off. If by Monday I don't see more healing I'll go to the vet and see if she has any ideas for healing or if this will just take time due to the area in which it moves all the time with expression. 
 The birch pocket door Bob has been working on. We were going to hire this done but Bob found in one of his how to books the instructions for installing a pocket door and did a beautiful job. He still has a lot of touch up on the nails to do yet but you get the idea. Now my friend is making that long counter top underneath the two windows on the right side of the room. Maybe when those are installed and the moldings done I can do somethings in there but still keep all the stuff in the old room. 
Here is a shot of my craft room at present.
This shot was me sitting at the dining table. Now underneath those two middle bottom windows I'm having a bar made for sitting up there with coffee looking out at the view. Haven't heard from the man doing this lately as he works for materials only and not young so I don't press him.
Been having the pretty sunrises this was taken Friday @ 9:07 am. The photo above the color was gone @ 9:52 am.


Patricia said...

Absolutely stunning sunrise. Just beautiful, and I appreciate that you share the view with us.

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Nan,

Those expressions are priceless on those dogs. I swear Pan looks like he's saying "enough already" or "are you sure you know how to use that thing?" I've always loved those kind of dogs as I saw the William Wegman (sp?) shots growing up. I swear I shall be mailing your package off to you in the near future. I'll let you know the tracking number.

Love ya'

DeanO said...

Nan - what a wonderful dining room view...simply awesome

Canyon Girl said...

I love that expression on Pan's face. You can see their personalities shining through in that picture. Hope he gets better soon. As always, it is fun to see photos of your lovely home and how it is coming together. __ Inger

Debby said...

Beautiful views.
You are so lucky that your husband is talented and can do some of the work himself.
Poor baby's eye. They may have to put a collar on him. I hate those things. When our dog had one she would bump into everything.
I hope you are having a good week-end so far.

Scrap for Joy said...

I have several comments on this post and the previous one Nan...
Your dogs crack me up! The facial expressions are priceless. I, too, loved the William Wegman pictures fo the dogs dressed up and such. Too funny!
The view out those windows is outstanding! If I brought my own cup could I come and sit with you and stare for hours. Talk about heaven! Your husband is doing a great are lucky he is so accomplished.
I like your Valentines and your velvet rose is lovely. Can I ask what paper you used on the top & brown it looks like to me. I'm always looking for tiny prints in that color combo.
Thanks Nan-go back to the window now :)

dana said...

How can you keep a straight face when those furbabies are looking at you like that? OMG....I would have to put that camera down and give them a big old hug and snuggle...they are adorable! I sure hope Pan's eye heals's in a tough area to heal,though.

Love your awesome that you enjoy that natural show right out your new window!!

Have a great weekend. We just saw "The King's Speech" tonight at the was AMAZING>


dana said...

Of course, we didn't see the movie at the SNOW.....we saw it at the SHOW!! Will I ever learn to proof read before I hit "publish"? :)

My Vintage Mending said...

Poor pup looks like his view out the window will be through a cone collar. That is the only thing that will keep his paw out. The problem at our house is they scare the other dogs to bits. A good antibiotic ointment will work. I love that you include them they are just gorgeous. That view is stunning. Pocket doors! I am jealous. That craft room is coming along! Thanks for the update....Renee

Connie,Barry said...

Thanks for sharing with us - love all your pictures - just letting you know your blog is very much appreciated!

MJ said...

Fantastic sunrise--but then so many of the ones you send are with that wonderful view you have. I sure envy you that craft room--and that track lighting will be great once you get in there and get things all organized.

Lallee said...

The contrast in the two faces made me laugh. It looks like Kalen is saying, "Wow, what is that?????" Pan is saying, "You totally bore me." Such beautiful dogs. I hope Pan's eye is better. Oliver is going in to have a tooth checked today. The window view is gorgeous as always. How do you ever get any work done with all these temptations to play and view?

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