Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Tomato Soup

This tomato soup is so darn good I make. It's also very fast and easy to put together. Here is how I make it if you're interested. I fry up some bacon until the fat is released then add chopped onion, brown and add garlic at the end. I then take a can of stewed tomatoes and put it in the blender adding about half of the bacon and onion mixture to the blender and process on high. Put this in a pot along with the rest of the bacon and onion. Add whatever herbs you prefer. I use lots of fresh basil I have growing in the basement and 1/2 can of coconut milk (this makes it.) These amounts are for two you would double this for more. Today I happened to vary this by adding a fillet of halibut. That's our main meal at noon along with a muffin I make made with almond flour and a piece of fruit. Forget about the fat, without the grains eating like this, you will have to work at it to keep weight on. 


Kath said...

SOunds yummee! When you say stewed tomatoes, is that the tinned toms we have hear in England? They are cooked in their own juice, with no falvourings, can I use them?

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, I have had such fun catching up. Your embroidery piece is so interesting and just what I love with the combination of felt and stitches. Carbs, truly I am addicted. You can be full on such a small portion of lunch is fascinating! My daughter nearly lives on Edamomie (sp) soy beans cooked and says she never craves sugar. It is the habit of preparing food that I need to get into. Moose! I loved seeing the fellas! What a life Nan. Thank you for sharing it with us! E

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