Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Crafting

As you can see I've been Easter crafting.
 Made this machine cover by a tut on a blog I found 
Also made three chicken place mats
 My grandson on spring break in Las Vegas with his Mom and Uncle/Aunt. He turned 21 and is a Junior at UAF. 

The boys Pan turned 5 on the right asking questions with his eyes.

A mama moose with good sized twins in the yard last night. We've having our pond enlarge tomorrow with a small island made in it before the Sandhill cranes arrive. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christmas Trees and Hay

 Just a quick post today to let you know I'm still here. Shopping the other day our store has bales of Timothy hay and Straw. Check out the prices folks I bet you don't pay this much a bale $25.39 and $19.99. This all smelled so good we talked about buying one just to smell LOL.
 How to get large items shipped to Alaska.
We wanted a 9 foot christmas tree for next Christmas so I ordered one on and got free shipping but of course for two large boxes that was only in the lower 48.  I take that anyway and have it shipped to a shipper in WA state that is used by our local Gear Shed, a business here. They allow us to ship through them. It goes on a barge and then arrives here at the Gear Shed and I paid $30 for that part of the trip but the other was free. I had my treadmill shipped this way too. Thanks to the Gear Shed for allowing locals to get their stuff up here.
 The tree as we set it up now stored until Dec. 
The boys below say woof woof they are doing great. 
One of my students has returned (one still in HI) and I've had others come by for crafting which is happening today. Yesterday a friend and I worked on a needle felted dog using her own dog hair on the top layer of her dog now passed away. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines, Puzzles, and Sewing

Valentines made by me and in progress.
A quilt below in progress. I just loved the fabrics so much I had to get them even though I don't make quilts anymore.

 Four blocks and borders and the red is backing as well. Fabric is called Pam Kitty by Holly Holderman for Lake House Dry purchased on

 Might I mention puzzles to you?
Bob and I have rather been into them this winter as never before. I have now 40 puzzles purchased (all but a few from and we have done all of them but for 6 for various reasons. If they are too dark to see well and they must be 500 piece, the 1000 piece does not work for us. Favorites are Ravensburger made in Germany, Springbok, and SunsOut both made in the USA. Don't bother with Chinese made puzzles but I bet you knew that already. I have a few and they are thin. 
Right now I am student less. Sigh. This little gal is my student Autumn who turns 16 on 2-13. This was a fairy tea at my house when she was 5! She is at present in HI and won't return until the end of March. My other student is taking a second job in Anchorage and back and forth until March. I've been having my friend Rena come by for crafting Valentines the last couple weeks. No ice skating as yet as that's the gal I was going with who left town. 
Bob and I have been out sick going on week two now. Very unusual for me in fact. Well it happens, bound to catch something sometime I guess.
All for now. Oh must post the boys can't leave them out.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine Projects

This is a Valentine Doggie made from a pattern by Squishy Cute Designs I ran onto quite by chance. She has lots of other darling patterns as well. Check them out. This project took me 6 hours to complete so it's not a speedy one by any means but sure cute when completed.
The top two Valentines are on 3mm felt with a smaller white heart of felt and embroidery and small amount of bead work on them. The bottom one is a copy from a vintage Valentine made from Judy's Place website here. 

The boys new Valentine collars from Etsy Shop called Wagologie

This was the last of the snow it's all gone now for 2 weeks and it's like Spring here with temps up to 50 degrees. What crazy weather this winter. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kale in Winter? Ice Skating?

 The Vogue pattern for the Chanel jacket will be made out of this a heavy weight silk weave. I found it on a blog I read as she now sells fabrics, it will be perfect. (That would be A Fashionable Stitch check my blog roll.)Trim is hard to buy without seeing it. I have to work on that.

 This is my kale I want you to know it grows here in Alaska in the winter. It doesn't seem to be affected by the cold.
I snapped this photo when I got out of my car to pick up the mail in our cluster boxes (with ice cleats on.) The parking lot here is totally ice, you could skate on it. Skating another thing,  my new sewing student wants me to start up my ice skating again with her so I'll see about going again this month, a tricky area when one is in their 70's. My other friend is also my age and wants to try and get back some of her skills so she has invited me to come along to beginner lessons. I guess when you miss 30 or 40 years skating you need to start at the beginning again. We shall see how things go and if I survive. Maybe I can post a photo of us Senior gals skating next week. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Stuff

 I found this MS pattern on her website for these felted bears. I ordered 3mm wool felt and then the animals are cut from the thinner felt and felted on using the felt needle. I love how they came out and made quite a few for gifts.

I have made this pattern many times (A Walk in the Woods) as I bought it several years back. You can find it on the net or on Posey Gets Cozy's Blog.
My next project even though I have made a Chanel jacket I actually didn't have a class for it but used what I learned in the couture dress class on for the skills needed to construct the jacket. Now Craftys has a class on the jacket so I'm taking it for fun. I love the teachers accent. This class is a lot different from what I learned, not as much work I would say. I haven't cut any fabric yet but will soon. My sewing students and I have stopped garments and had been working all on Christmas gift projects this month. 

 This above is a canvas I bought for Bob taken by our friend Tom and Mary who print on canvas and paint over. I actually have taken this same scene myself here but not so well as to make a photo 5 foot long and on a hazier day too. Tom and Mary are professionals and our house is filled with their work. You can find them by googling Wild North. 

I close with my little nursery elf. We do nursery in church every month and could this little guy be any cuter? He's as sweet as he looks too!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Goings on lately

Two photos taken on Thanksgiving by our friend to try for a Christmas card photo I do every year. Always hard with the boys to pose too.
Light on the range across the way.
My student Autumn in her new wool top lined in orange satin, she is now making a black linen dress for under this.
This is Shirley my newest student working on her first project which is pillow cases and napkins.

We had some painting done changing the Wheat Buff color to Swiss Coffee which basically is white. 

Pan is watching Bob work a puzzle. We have been into puzzles lately and Pan does this every night. 
It's 8 degrees here on Black Friday. 


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