Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Finally the ice has melted

Taken April 9 2017 our ice is gone finally it's been a long hard winter here in Homer Alaska. I am headed to church here wearing a retro plaid suit I made and vintage red leather purse.
Here is how it looked a couple weeks prior.

A project from to make this blouse. It's a kit.
Also working on a class to make a Guipure lace skirt.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Finally a new post from Nan

Hello Everyone,
I'm busy here and don't post much and I think FB has a lot to do with that for everyone who has an old blog don't you?
Here are some felt ornaments I made in addition to the felt birds for Christmas gifts. Both of these are from patterns I bought on Etsy. 
 This cute doll dress was made from an American Girl pattern using some vintage highlights there. 
This is the Sassy Librarian blouse from a class I took on Great classes on there I can't say enough good about them. Don't think you can't learn more if you have been sewing all your life, you can always pick up new techniques. I also will make another Sassy Librarian Blouse out of this fabric. Isn't that cute!

This is a Gertie pattern by Butterick a jean jacket. I need to put the buttons on this I have them. They are metal and put on with a hammer. Mine have a rose on them. The fabric is Chambray and the lining is red satin.
This is a railroad fabric of denim from a kit I purchased from Craftsy. It's really cute with a peplum. I'm wearing gray pants and a silk blouse that I made some time ago.
New glasses selfie here.
The boys say Bye in their stylish new jackets. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A long time coming post.

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post as you can see. Mainly because I have lost interest in doing so. I think FB takes a lot away from blogging...anyway the felt birds are my Christmas project to give to friends. Pattern bought on Etsy by Larissa Holland if you want to look this up. They are fun to make and I did 9 of them straight away. 

Here I am hiking in OR in August in cobalt blue Tieks. I actually didn't know we would be hiking up a mountain when we left. I had to be careful in these slippery shoes.
My daughter and I did a trip here and several other places after my grandson graduated from UAF. He is now moved to OR.with his brother for graduate school.
My two and only grandsons.

All for now.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Two long running projects finished

Autumn and I finished up two big projects we had. She made a satin and tulle Prom dress. I made a wool jacket lined in first sand washed silk then pink satin. The fit on the silk was off and I had to make the lining all over again. 
The collar is lined in pink velvet and the Prairie Points are inside there as you can see as a special touch. 
We have both moved onto new sewing projects. Mine is a simple black wool skirt lined in black silk and Autumn's is a black velvet top.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Finished Sewing Projects

Used Gertie's pattern and sew along for this jersey blouse. Skirt had black lace on the hem and it's lined in black tulle.

My grandson Dallas visiting from UAF where he is a senior. He learned some sewing making napkins, a pillow case and this table topper or miniature quilt.
My daughter and grandson.
Going back on the ferry today to Kodiak Island a 12 hour trip but more this time due to weather. Ingrid is wearing my periwinkle blue cashmere coat with silk lining. I gave it to her as I made it and never wore it yet.
Here we are before she left today. 
Starting another sewing project and not doing well as I made a muslin first and I see how off I am. I drew out the pattern so there you have it I'm not much of a pattern drafter it seems. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Projects last minute

Making Christmas felt ornaments here I found the patterns on Easy. I have several other and they are so cute.

Making mitered corners on the placemats from a tutorial on U tube.
Also made 4 napkins with mitered corners from another tutorial on U tube to go with them

**Just a note. If you make a comment and ask a question I can't answer you if you posted anonymous. Please leave a way I can respond to your comment. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hello everyone a long time without a blog post so here is a catch up one for you.
 Autumn and I finished our coats from a class. We get more compliments on these coats here in Homer Alaska! They are super cute.
Our Christmas photo this year Autumn snapped for us. 

 Autumn modeling a shirt she made for her Dad as a Christmas gift. 

Me wearing a tweed wool lavender zip front top lined and a purple linen skirt I made with purple wedgies. 
Me wearing a white shirt I made and show in the below blog post. It turned out too large and I took in many of the darts.

 This is green silk taffeta I talk about making in an older post. I finally wore it for the first time to an event. The below top is the same pattern I wore today to our church service. 

This is my new doll. She is a factory Blythe or a fake Blythe as she is called. Good enough for a first one to make clothes for. So far it's a green felt coat and a pair of jeans.
Well I have a new sewing student who wanted to make a quilt for her husband for Christmas. She left Friday after sewing on the binding on the front and will do all the hand work on the back at home. She is going to make it happen for Christmas. She will be coming back in Jan. for more lessons. Autumn will be graduating HS in May and then in Sept going to college out of state. 
I'm in need of another student next year.

Monday, September 7, 2015

New Sewing Project Started (a big one)

This is a new project I have picked out to make from This darling short coat. I just love the look of it. 

here is the fabric it's a Italian Nassau blue wool-cashmere with a viscose lining in the same shade from Mood Fabric.

The coat has an underlining, an interfacing, and a lining. So there is a lot going on there. Cutting out here today is the underlining.
My student Autumn is going to be making this with me and we both can watch a video on my laptop in the sewing room of the steps how to. makes it very easy for you if you've never tried a class please do.
Here I am in the jacket I made with silk from Montmartre when in Paris last Sept. I used a really pretty black vintage glass button on this. The jacket is also lined on the top half in a white silk. The pattern was quite the nightmare and I'll never use one of those again from Nancy's Notions. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sewing, Family, and Beaches

I finally finished this silk jacket. Had at first black velvet on the waist facing and decided it was too bulky and went with the silk. That is a really pretty vintage button there. I also lined it in silk which it didn't call for. The pattern was terrible to follow, never again.
Next is a blouse pattern by Burda I printed off the net and put together, a real pain. I made a black small yellow rose bud blouse first for fit and then this one. It's fits well maybe a bit on the large size and I had to make the neckline higher. The fabric is a heavy cotton. Vintage pearl buttons.

This is a Gertie pattern from her book. You have to trace them out and pieces overlap making it quite a task in concentration. So far it's gone together fast. I have here two fronts just pinned on the model. Now I'll work on the back. My one student Emily is leaving for Spain the end of the month. I let another one go for not calling me if she had to miss a lesson so I'm down to my star student Autumn. She is taking a bit of a summer break but does show up to sew with me at times. Soon she'll be back weekly as she figures out her school schedule. 
Family was here in July. From L to R that is my daughter, daughter-in-law, my son and me.

In addition to my Zumba Gold classes I've taken to walking with a friend once a week. Here we walked on the Homer docks.

We also walk on the beach when the tide is out in the afternoon. We have huge tide variations here in Kachemak Bay. 

We took the boys out today to this stretch of beach.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paper Dolls and Silk Sewing

Just a few paper dolls from a friend. I love to collect the vintage ones.

This sweet selection is from the same friend. I bought this darling German wooden 8" doll from her and she sent the other items knowing I would like them.
This is my new student Emily who has been coming for a month now and she has made a set of napkins, pillow cases, and this simple apron with pockets and also started her table topper with 4" squares.

This is what I'm working on in Dupoini silk. It's a pattern called a Flounce About Jacket. This silk is gorgeous I bought it while in France. I am trimming this out in black velvet. It's coming along. That is some bead work you see on the inside. The hem called for machine stitching but I used Petersham Ribbon and hand work. I can't see machine stitching on silk!

This is a taffeta silk bolero lined in 100% cotton silk like fabric. It has vintage green buttons. Lots of hand work on the lining.

The boys say thanks for the visit and come back soon. 

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